Pocket Rocket

RM Buddie 25

Powered with

Water-resistant batteries

Ergonomically designed for

Anybody and everybody

Ride RM Buddie 25

with your buddies

Smarty connected

Connect with your mobile

Customize your buddie using

Modular Utility Platform enabling 30 sec easy swapping

*only for representative purposes

Child Seat
Insulated Box
Saddle Stay with Saddle Bags
Base Rack
Auto Headlamp
Portable Battery
Dual Suspension



70 Km

Top Speed

25 Kmph

Load Capacity

120 Kgs




Not Required

Billionaire's Blue

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How far can RM Buddie 25 go?

On a single charge it goes upto 70km

How fast can RM Buddie 25 go?

The maximum speed is 25kmph for RM Buddie and 65kmph for RM Mitra in accordance with the government regulations

How much is the total Payload Capacity?

Total Payload Capacity in RM Buddie 25 is 120 kg including the riders' weight.

Do I need a licence for RM-Buddie?

No, as per government norms vehicles having speed <=25kmph and power <=250watt do not need license

How long does it take to charge the battery pack of RM Buddie 25??

It takes 2 hr 55 mins to charge 0-80% and 3 hr 55 mins. It is a portable battery and can be charged with your regular socket at home.

What is the speciality of RM-Buddie 25?

It comes with 5 attachments i.e. Saddle Bags, Insulated Bag, Insulated Box , Carrier ,Rear Seat.

Could not find what you’re looking for?

Built on

Modular Utility Platform