RM Mitra

Chalti Phirti Dukaan

We at Revamp are committed to provide adaptive and sustainable solutions to the bottom of the pyramid people. We believe in empowering individuals to become self-sustained business owners with the help of our world-class transformable EV - Mitra. Our mission is to provide a complete ecosystem along with Mitra to our consumers to start their own “Chalti phirti Dukaan” with  the necessary attachments to a wide range of products and services to sell. 

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Offering freedom to


We offer our consumers the freedom to choose from multiple products and services to sell and deliver with the flexibility to switch between them at any time by deploying various attachments on Mitra. Our purpose is to enable our consumers a value for money proposition which they can use for business purposes as well as for personal use.

We go beyond just providing an EV two wheeler as a product - we would like to provide all sorts of financial support through various types of loan to the bottom of the pyramid people to start a new business on Mitra . We provide technical know-how, guidance on selling, and timely intel to help these micro entrepreneurs  succeed. Our various attachments along with Mitra will also open many doors of opportunity for farmers, gig workers , delivery personnel.

  • Mitra

    Our flagship product in the high speed electric 2 wheeler segment!

  • Mitra, our flagship product in the high-speed electric 2 wheeler segment. Mitra comes with a best in class payload capacity and range in a single charge. Mitra is the first vehicle in the Indian market whose battery works as a power house on wheels to power different appliances like KoolKeep (small refrigerator ) and HotKeep (an active Heated Storage) , Mixer grinder, small oven and even tube lights or fan , with two power outputs of 220v and 12v respectively.  

    Mitra is also equipped with state-of-the-art telematics and a smartly connected app, providing a centralized dashboard with live holistic information about the vehicle. The telematics unit enables live tracking, geo-fencing, remote locking and unlocking facilities, and the BMS collects 50+ real-time parameters from the vehicle, initiating preventive maintenance notifications to your phone.

    At Revamp, we are dedicated to creating self-sustained entrepreneurs who can contribute to the nation's economy while achieving their own personal goals. You can become a part of this revolutionary  mission to empower individuals and transform lives by becoming Mitra owner or investor or dealer or end consumer and make the difference in the nation's ecosystem.